Friday, 19 January 2018

Knit Grannys fav Dishrag's Gotten Seedy

I would like to note that I do not have any real claim to the pattern I just took the granny fav and added my own twist to it.

co = cast on
p1 = purl 1
k1 = knit 1
YO = yarn over
k2tog = knit 2 together
" " = repeat till told

CO 4
1- k4
2- k2, yo, k2
3- k2, yo, k3
4- k2, yo, k4
5- k2, yo, "k1, p1", k3
6-?- repeat last round till desired size.
7- k1, k2tog,yo, k2tog, "p1, k1" k3

Repeat 7 till 4 left on needle and bind off
* " " will not apply when there are 6 on the needle*

Thursday, 6 April 2017

Dragon Scale 2ds case

Dragon Scale 2DS Case

Hook (F)
Yarn (Fingerling)
Yarn Needle
Stitch marker
Button (I used 1.5”)

What you should know:
Chaining (ch)
Single crochet (sc)
Double crochet (dc)

Dragon scale stitch {Actually its called the crocodile stitch} (I try to explain it but it would probably be better if you look elsewhere on how to do it although i do it a bit different)

1: Ch 51 (leave a long tail to stitch the bottom together) sc in the second from the hook and then along slip stitch to the first sc (50)
2: Ch 2(this does not count as a dc and never will), dc in the sc you slp stch into “ch 1 skp stch dc 2 in the next” (This makes a V)  Repeat “” 9 times (10 V’s), ch 1 skp stch dc around rest (always mark the first stch here so you don’t lose it) slp stch in first dc (same thing for each row just slp stch in the first stitch)  (10V’s. 29 dc)
3: Ch 1, sc in the first dc you slp stched into, “5 dc down the first side of the V ch 2 then 5dc down the other side of the V” skipping one V work “” into the next V and continue like this till you have 5 scales, sc in the dc from last row. (5 scales, 29sc)
4: Ch 2, dc then work your V’s like in row 2, then dc in the rest (10 V’s, 29 dc)
5: Ch 1 , sc then do your scales in between the scales before to give it a staggered look (does that make cents?), sc in the dc’s from the last row. (5 scales, 29 sc)
*I stitched the bottom closed at this point but you can do it whenever {ps if your new remember to stitch it inside out!}*
6-?: Repeat row 4&5 till you have 10 rows of scales (or more or less you may have a looser or tighter tension just try it in there to see if it fits or is 5”)
**I stitched my button on now on the dc/sc side on the 7th row down (it should be a sc row)**
7: ch 2 dc, in the V row from before try to dc along evenly to the end of the scales (around 28 29)
8: Turn Ch 2, dc across (28 or 29)
9-15: repeat 8 (you may have to do it more or less times depending on were you put the button)
16: Turn ch 2, dc 14,  ch 2, then dc in the rest. (Ps you should test the button depending on the size you might just want to do 1 ch)
17: Turn ch 1, sc along FO

To finish you use your yarn needle to work in all the loose ends then vwa la it is done! You now have a scaly 2ds case, if you are ambitious you could change  the pattern to make something else like a regular ds case or a 3ds case!

I hope you had fun. =>.<=

Sunday, 13 November 2016

Fake Knit Dishcloth

Fake Knit Dishcloth

Tunisian Crochet hook
50g ball of cotton
Yarn Needle

TSS- Tunisian Simple stitch
TKS- Tunisian Knit Stitch
TPS- Tunisian Purl Stitch

-Ch 23 (You can do more if you want it to bigger than 7”)
-Start your row by going into the 3 rd bump, (this will make it so your work does not curl) TSS across.
-Do a row of TKS
-Do a row of TPS
Repeat the last two rows until you have it the right size.
Single crochet around your work this will make it look nicer and it will reduce curl if you have any.

Friday, 4 November 2016

Going to a craft Sale

Well I guess the most important thing when going to a craft sale is probably your pricing, and next I think would be your tagging. I have gone to plenty of craft sales and they do not have there stuff tagged I think that it is important to do this. Because whenever I saw that I kind of just wondered off to another table, even if there was something that interested me.

For my Tagging Looked sort of like this:

Object Name                                                                                                 Price
Made by: Y/N
Pattern at/by: I like to give credit

Contact info: Y/email or phone
My site: Y/site address

I did it with columns and had but you could just have it like this. I also would add a cute clip art picture to give it some pop I did this, ball of yarn with a heart. I wanted to do the skull and cross hooks but I knew that that wouldn't fly were I live.
But after you have all that done you have a cute tag that you can put on your work, that will make it have more interest maybe.

I guess you might want to know about pricing, I hate pricing items. Most people say to think about what you purchased your yarn for, then add in the cost of the time you worked on it. Some people say to look at what other people are selling the same object for but, I find that people are asking way to much for stuff. I found for myself that it is easier to give my stuff prices like if I have a toque, I have them all priced at $10. But looking around at what others have done is a good idea that is what I did for some of my stuff.

Monday, 17 October 2016


For any original designs (If I ever do any) I shall say yes you can, you made it so you can sell it. But I would like to say could you give me credit saying I was the pattern designer.
For the fan-craft patterns or existing games/cartoons/movies and other such characters. I really do not have any problem with you selling them, but you should keep in mind that the big company's can be butts about it, so maybe you should just sell them at local craft things, and to friends.

I just felt that I should release this saying that I really do not care if you sell any of the stuff that comes from my patterns as long as you say who did the pattern. As most of my creations are based off of games because I am a gamer, so I do not know about this. Some people are like you should not sell this stuff because its illegal as yadda yadda.

Well I hope that you have fun crocheting, or the other crafts that you do. =^-^=

Monday, 6 June 2016

Sans the Skeleton

What is a Skeleton’s favorite song? Bad to the Bone

Just had to put in a bad skeleton joke i do not know any puns so this it good enough.

To start with you need:
Yarn - White, Black, Blue, and Some Fake fur stuff(optional) (For original Sans)
Yarn Needle
Place markers
Hook (whatever size works with your yarn)

mr = magic ring
inc = increase
dec = decrease
FO = Finish of
"#" = How many times you do that round
triple HD dec = YO pick of 3 stitchs, yo go though 3, yarn over pull though 3
(Sorry about this being confusing basically just do decrease 3 to 1 with half double crochet)

Just to let you know you can just stuff most of this stuff periodically as you work on it.

Legs : (Start with white) x2
-6 sc in mr
-inc around
-sc around "2"
-switch to black, sc around "6"
Slip Stitch together with 2 stitches

Body : Still with black
-sc around (should be 20) "3"
-switch to white
-sc around "9"
-3 dec, triple HD dec, 4 dec, triple HD dec, 1 dec
- I just decreased around now until there was 6 stitches.

I forgot to but a white stripes on his pants so you can do a white chain and stitch it on

Skull : (White)
-sc 8 mr
-inc around
-inc 1 sc
-sc around "5"
-dec, dec, dec, 6sc, dec, dec, dec, sc in rest
-sc around
-inc, inc, inc, 6sc, inc, inc, inc, sc in rest
-sc around
-dec around
-dec around FO

Jacket : (Blue)
- ch 25 (This wraps around him)
-turn sc in 2nd stitch the sc along
-ch 1 turn sc along
 repeat until it the fits around the body nicely
 I did "9"

Hood : (Blue)
-Ch 16
-turn sc in 2nd ch from hook sc along
-turn ch 1 sc along "15"
You might want to check this to see if it fits your head if it doesn't you may have to add more to the chain of do more rows.
(P.s. I stitched my top part together before finishing so it was easier to try it on him)

Hands Palms (White) x4
-Ch 4
-sc in 2nd ch from hook sc along
-turn ch 1 sc along
*Add fingers to two of the palms by ch 3 fo, slip stitch to hand ch fo.
3 sc for fingers 2 sc for thumb

Bring the string from fingers down to the palm and tie to the tail of the finger it is better to do this one finger at a time as you make them (me i made the hand them was like hmm what should i do with all that finger string... The hand was also the first part of the body that I made) Then you take a palm without fingers and stitch it to the side that you put all your finger knot.

Arm (Blue) x2
-6 sc in mr
-inc around (You should stitch hand onto arm now or in a few rows)
-sc around "6" (This can be increased of decreased you should check it against the size of your body)


Eyes (Black) x2
-sc 8 in mr fo
You can do whatever you want with them you can leave them black, or add little white dots, or give him a glowing eye.  Or if you want to you can just make on eye and stitch a crescent shape to make him winking
Stitch on a grin

Stitch triangle for nose (You could also use a piece of triangular felt)

Now did we have a sansational time making sans. There are many different sans in the fan art here is a like to a picture click here some for references.
I would have just said look it up but there is sum pretty weird stuff out there that may just traumatize you.

For a free pdf you can go to craftsy link

If there are any mistakes please tell me.

 i do not own sans, undertale belongs to toby fox
If you would like to share this pattern, link back to it. You can sell finished products. Thank you. I hope you enjoy!

Has not been tested!

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Hand Muff

This can be made to fit on anyone, I used a weird chunky yarn that I got in a bag of random bag of yarn that i got from my Aunt so I have not idea what its called but you can use any type of chunky yarn or any size really but a chunky works better.

You will need about 2 oz of chunky yarn
Hook that works with that size yarn

First you can single crochet enough that is can fit around your hand you can either single crochet along it or you can slip stitch it together now.

Now you can half double crochet around and around until it is the length that you want it to be, then you slip stitch it to the body.

Then you chain until it can have it hanging around you neck and by your stomach. Then you slip stitch it to the body.