Thursday, 6 April 2017

Dragon Scale 2ds case

Dragon Scale 2DS Case

Hook (F)
Yarn (Fingerling)
Yarn Needle
Stitch marker
Button (I used 1.5”)

What you should know:
Chaining (ch)
Single crochet (sc)
Double crochet (dc)

Dragon scale stitch {Actually its called the crocodile stitch} (I try to explain it but it would probably be better if you look elsewhere on how to do it although i do it a bit different)

1: Ch 51 (leave a long tail to stitch the bottom together) sc in the second from the hook and then along slip stitch to the first sc (50)
2: Ch 2(this does not count as a dc and never will), dc in the sc you slp stch into “ch 1 skp stch dc 2 in the next” (This makes a V)  Repeat “” 9 times (10 V’s), ch 1 skp stch dc around rest (always mark the first stch here so you don’t lose it) slp stch in first dc (same thing for each row just slp stch in the first stitch)  (10V’s. 29 dc)
3: Ch 1, sc in the first dc you slp stched into, “5 dc down the first side of the V ch 2 then 5dc down the other side of the V” skipping one V work “” into the next V and continue like this till you have 5 scales, sc in the dc from last row. (5 scales, 29sc)
4: Ch 2, dc then work your V’s like in row 2, then dc in the rest (10 V’s, 29 dc)
5: Ch 1 , sc then do your scales in between the scales before to give it a staggered look (does that make cents?), sc in the dc’s from the last row. (5 scales, 29 sc)
*I stitched the bottom closed at this point but you can do it whenever {ps if your new remember to stitch it inside out!}*
6-?: Repeat row 4&5 till you have 10 rows of scales (or more or less you may have a looser or tighter tension just try it in there to see if it fits or is 5”)
**I stitched my button on now on the dc/sc side on the 7th row down (it should be a sc row)**
7: ch 2 dc, in the V row from before try to dc along evenly to the end of the scales (around 28 29)
8: Turn Ch 2, dc across (28 or 29)
9-15: repeat 8 (you may have to do it more or less times depending on were you put the button)
16: Turn ch 2, dc 14,  ch 2, then dc in the rest. (Ps you should test the button depending on the size you might just want to do 1 ch)
17: Turn ch 1, sc along FO

To finish you use your yarn needle to work in all the loose ends then vwa la it is done! You now have a scaly 2ds case, if you are ambitious you could change  the pattern to make something else like a regular ds case or a 3ds case!

I hope you had fun. =>.<=

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