Monday, 12 October 2015

Mini Majora's Mask

About 3 inches tall and 4 inches wide

Yarn: purple, red, blue yellow, orange, green, black
Yarn Needle
Felt small amount black yellow, and orange
Crochet hook(I used 3.5mm)
Black Fabric Paint (optional)
Hot Glue gun and regular glue

Heart - In Purple
Make 2
Round 1 - 5 sc into the magic ring [5 sts]
Round 2 - 2sc in each st around. [10 sts]
Round 3 - (2 sc in next st, 1sc in next st) 5 times. [15 sts]
Rounds 4, 5 - sc around.
Do not fasten off for the second one

Round 6 - sc 1 (Think it might be two I did one) together, than sc around [28 dc]
Rounds 7, 8 - sc around. [28 sts]
Round 9 - (sc2tog, 5sc) 4 times. [24 sts]
Round 10 - sc around.
Stuff periodically after finished round
Round 11 - (sc2tog, 2sc) 6 times. [18 sts]
Round 12 - sc around.
Round 13  -(sc2tog, 1sc) 6 times. [12 sts]
Round 14 - (sc2tog 1 sc)
close and finish off
Click here to see heart balloon pattern I used to help me figure out how to make a heart

Spikes - 2 blue, 2 red, 2 green, 4 yellow
Round 1 - sc 3 into magic ring [3]
Round 2 - inc, Sc, Inc [5]
Round 3 - sc around [5]
Round 4 - sc, inc, sc, inc, sc [7]

Eyes Piece - Red x2
Round 1 - Sc 4 into magic ring [4]
Round 2 - inc around [8]
Round 3 - sc 1 and Finish off (This gives it the point at the end of the eye)
Eye Piece
Face Piece (work in rows)
Row 1 - sc 4
Row 2 - Turn sc 3
Row 3 - Ch 1 sc 3
Row 4 - Ch 1 sc, inc, inc
Row 5 - Ch 1 inc, sc, sc, inc
Row 6 - Ch 1 inc sc 1 in next 4, inc
Row 7 - Ch 1 sc across
Row 8 - Ch 1 dec, sc, dec, dec, sc, dec
Row 9 - Ch 1 dec, sc, sc, dec
Row 10 - Ch 1 dec, dec
Row 11 - Ch 1 dec

Detailing - 2 orange, 2 green
Row 1 - Sc 5
Row 2 - Turn skip 1 sc and sc 4 across FO

Eyes - 2
Cut small black square than cut carefully around it to make a small circle.
Glue it onto a yellow square and let dry and carefully cut abound again I placed it on the place it is suposed to be to check the size.
And repeat on the orange

Now Putting it Together
-First you sew on all the spikes in the right place I have a reference picture at bottom
-Then you can sew the face piece on having the pointy part at the bottom
-Now you can stitch the eye pieces on having that pointed part pointing to the outside
-Hot glue the eyes into place
-Now you can place the detailing on the orange piece at the top and then after you have it on you can do the black lines that are on it and green one goes by the green spike.
-You can stitch on orange triangles now if you want to
-I used fabric paint to make the nose hole dots and mouth hole dots
-I was going to do the white detailing on mine but it did not look very nice to me but you could try that if you want to

If you would like to share this pattern please link it back to this page. You may sell the finished product.

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