Friday, 4 November 2016

Going to a craft Sale

Well I guess the most important thing when going to a craft sale is probably your pricing, and next I think would be your tagging. I have gone to plenty of craft sales and they do not have there stuff tagged I think that it is important to do this. Because whenever I saw that I kind of just wondered off to another table, even if there was something that interested me.

For my Tagging Looked sort of like this:

Object Name                                                                                                 Price
Made by: Y/N
Pattern at/by: I like to give credit

Contact info: Y/email or phone
My site: Y/site address

I did it with columns and had but you could just have it like this. I also would add a cute clip art picture to give it some pop I did this, ball of yarn with a heart. I wanted to do the skull and cross hooks but I knew that that wouldn't fly were I live.
But after you have all that done you have a cute tag that you can put on your work, that will make it have more interest maybe.

I guess you might want to know about pricing, I hate pricing items. Most people say to think about what you purchased your yarn for, then add in the cost of the time you worked on it. Some people say to look at what other people are selling the same object for but, I find that people are asking way to much for stuff. I found for myself that it is easier to give my stuff prices like if I have a toque, I have them all priced at $10. But looking around at what others have done is a good idea that is what I did for some of my stuff.

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