Monday, 17 October 2016


For any original designs (If I ever do any) I shall say yes you can, you made it so you can sell it. But I would like to say could you give me credit saying I was the pattern designer.
For the fan-craft patterns or existing games/cartoons/movies and other such characters. I really do not have any problem with you selling them, but you should keep in mind that the big company's can be butts about it, so maybe you should just sell them at local craft things, and to friends.

I just felt that I should release this saying that I really do not care if you sell any of the stuff that comes from my patterns as long as you say who did the pattern. As most of my creations are based off of games because I am a gamer, so I do not know about this. Some people are like you should not sell this stuff because its illegal as yadda yadda.

Well I hope that you have fun crocheting, or the other crafts that you do. =^-^=

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